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Manage Your Subscription Business, Bill Your Customers On Time And Monitor How Your Business Is Growing
Manage Any Type Of Subscription Business, No Matter What Your Product, Service Or Niche. With Minimal Technical Expertise And Without Any Financial Experience.
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Grow A Thriving Subscription-Based Business For A Stream Of Monthly Revenue

Deliver consistently so you don’t lose your customers. Xienza can do it for you. It allows you to focus your attention on growing your business.

Have you ever struggled with?

Revenue leaks
Inconsistent billing cycles
Features with limited flexibility to adapt to your business
Inaccessible data
High dependency on 3rd parties
Expensive systems
Dependency on internal teams to see your KPIs

With Xienza we guarantee:

Automated operational controls
Certainty of billing customers on time, within minutes
System designed to maximize feature flexibility
Accessible data through ad hoc or automated data extractions
Admin access to manage your account
Inexpensive tiered pricing, without taking a % of your revenue
Out of the box KPIs for subscription businesses
Optimize Your Subscription Billing. Get Access To The Full Functionality And Compare

One Platform To Run Your Business. Everything You Need To Automate Your Operations And More

Manage your subscription business, bill your customers on time, reduce your time to market, minimize churn and monitor how your business is growing.
Billing System
Real time billing, reduce unnecessary grace periods.
On time and accurate bill cycles, invoicing and payments process
Subscription Management
From the moment your customer signs up, through renewals, upgrades, cancellations and reactivations, Xienza will manage the entire subscriber lifecycle
Product Catalog
Seamless multi-currency price increases through grandfathering.
Centralize your products in a few clicks. Add trials, group by category, filter, search
Add reusable discounts to your products and enable/disable as you wish, in real time
User Portal
State of the art customer experience to manage your customers and subscriptions
Customer 360º
View all your customer's information in one place.
Customer KPIs included to segment your customers better
Payment Processor
Working with well established and secure payment processors. Out of the box integration with Stripe.
User your current or preferred payment gateway
Payment Link Automation
Automate payment links to save time and prevent errors. Avoid issues like missed payments, staff changes, and customer non-payment. With operational controls and notifications included
Built-in real time dashboard with the most important subscription KPIs, including MRR, Revenue, Net growth.
Track the performance of your funnels with instant reporting
Data Accessibility
Extract your data when required. In our platform, you are the owner of your data
We follow the highest security standards in the industry to make sure your data is always safe. ISO Certifications, PCI, SOC
As a cloud service we are able to scale the infrastructure as fast as you grow. Auto-scalable infrastructure using Docker containers and Kubernetes
Get flexibility for your business logic with our easy to integrate and ready to use API.

Campaign Manager
Coming soon
Performance Alerts
Coming soon
Coming soon
Supporting Sales, Marketing and Operations Teams Reach Their Goals
Do More. Do Better. Do Faster
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Deliver sustainable value to your customers

Define your products
Personalize your offers with discounts
Manage your customer's lifecycle
Streamline your collection process
Reduce churn and stop revenue leakage
Drive strategic decisions with real-time SaaS metrics and analytics
Unlimited scalability potential
Improve Efficiency by Streamlining Your Operations And Reduce Manual Data Handling, Freeing Up Time For Strategic Tasks
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Anywhere. Anytime.

Xienza handles the complexities of your recurring revenue business in an easy to use platform.
Monitor your business from any device anywhere, anytime
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Always accessible so you can focus on daily and YTD performance
The right technology is what enables you to feel confident, move fast, adapt, and become a Thriving Business.
If You Value Flexibility And Short Time To Market, This Is For You.
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