Company / Origin Story

We Handle The Complexity, So You Can Focus On Your Product.

The pain and frustration experienced by the founders when looking for the right solutions and technology service providers was the driver to establish Xienza.

Xienza was created to ensure companies have access to cost-effective, flexible, reliable and yet robust, easy to use technology and services that can adapt to their business in a seamless manner.

“Our Aim Is To Become The Most Flexible And Reliable Subscription Billing System”

What We Do

We've crafted the ultimate toolkit to help you turn your business dreams into reality, even on a tight budget.

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to effortlessly manage their subscriptions, reduce costs, and optimize their resources through technology.

Designed To Make Your Business Successful

Leveraging our expertise in technology, finance, marketing, consultancy, processes (acquisition, ecommerce, ...), customer service and business management, we have the capability to offer insights into integrating technology in the most effective way possible.

We understand that every business journey is unique. Our system and solutions adapt to your needs, offering the resources and guidance that align with your specific vision.

From software solutions to robust IT services, we are the partners you need in your digital journey.

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